Project begins!

Bridging the theory-practice gap in teacher training is a project that offers cross-Nordic in-service training for teachers. The project is funded by Nordplus Adult.

The project aims to bridge the gap between theory and practice in teacher training by producing an online course on becoming a teacher-researcher, based on action research and design-based research methodologies. 

In the process, teachers choose a daily challenge they find to be the most urgent to improve, and they will utilize the research methods as tools to address the challenge. Action research and design-based research ensure that the continuous development is done in a systematic and rigorous way, increasing the efficacy of interventions, leading to sustained local effects.

Project timeline

Fall 2019

  • Preparative partner meeting in Denmark

  • Partners producing the online course Becoming Teacher-Researcher

  • Call for pilot teachers (Finland, Iceland)

  • F2F Kick off pilot teacher workshop (Finland, Iceland)

  • Reflective partner meeting in Finland

Spring 2020

  • Pilot teachers’ carry out the online course Becoming Teacher-Researcher

  • Two cross-national online workshops to support the communication between the pilot teachers’

  • F2F Closure pilot teacher workshop (Finland, Iceland)

  • Evaluative partner meeting (Iceland)

Fall 2020

  • Publication of the online course Becoming Teacher-Researcher


The three project partners are all experienced national operators within the field of teacher training, but their setups for organising and carrying out further professional development vary.

Otavia (Finland) offers in-service teacher training modules and is specialised in organising the modules in the form of face to face workshops. Otavia coordinates the project. 

University College Absalon (Denmark) offers a diploma degree of continuing professional education at bachelor level for teachers. Absalon specialises in offering the courses through online and blended learning. The organisation also houses a research unit experienced in design-based research projects.

Sudurnes Center for Education (Iceland) offers workshops for teachers that focus on different aspects of teaching and of their work environment. Action based research is known nationally in Iceland as a powerful tool for professional development.

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The first partner workshop was held in Copenhagen in August 2019.